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DeAnna Hines Burke

DeAnna began riding at the age of 12 and her three day eventing training under Yves and Christine Sauvignon in Northern California and credits them for developing her foundation, horsemanship skills, and her goals. To pursue her goals of competing at the upper most level, she moved to Virginia at the age of 19 with her two advanced horses, Champagne Wishes and Gus Costadi (yes the farm is named after her horse). She ran a horse farm with her friend, Paul Ebersole, and continued to compete at the Advanced level. She worked as much as possible with Jimmy Wofford and cannot say enough good things about his coaching. The moved paid off and she finished 5th at her first CCI*** at Rolex Kentucky on Champagne Wishes. She also was the highest placed Young Rider to take home the Markham Trophy. That same year, she finished 6th at Fair Hill CCI*** on Gus Costadi. She was the 1994 FEI Land Rover Global Young Rider Champion and Global Newcomer Champion. Also in 1994, she was ranked nationally by the USCTA (now USEA) 1st Overall Young Rider, 2nd Leading Lady Rider, and 3rd Leading Rider, behind Bruce Davidson and Karen O'Conner..

Both Champagne Wishes and Gus Costadi had to be retired leaving her with no horse to compete at the upper levels. She decided to take the opportunity to move to England to learn, train and compete overseas. Eddy Stibbe provided her an excellent opportunity to ride many wonderful horses and to experience eventing to its fullest.

In the fall of 1998, DeAnna returned to Virginia to finish her undergraduate degree at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia where she earned a B.A. in History with a minor in Mathematics. Upon graduation, she was employed full-time at a software company that develops air traffic management tools for the FAA. She currently works full-time as a Program Manager at the same company.

DeAnna's current horse, Davinci, was bought as an unbroke two year old in January 2011. He had a very sucessful Novice season and is now currently competing at Training level. She has high expectations for him, hoping he, with the help of Paul and the support at Champagne Wishes Farm, can take her back to the top of eventing.

"Paul has always been a great support for me and my horses. My horses have never been the conventional types and he is always willing to work with both me and my horse to get the most out of us both." DeAnna Burke